So who’s still here? :)

Hey! I suffer from health anxiety too. What kind of weird/odd physical symptoms do you get?

Anything and everything. It can range from tingling and numb arms to feeling like I can’t breathe.

I’m going to sort through blogs I’m following to an extreme. Message me if you want me to check out your blog and be kept. Or like this.

hey there, i was just browsing through tumblr on a heath anxiety tag and came across yours about ms and brain tumour, omg this is me too!! it was just so weird to read someone else writing what i had experienced. i had mri scans and alsorts too because of my 'symptoms' Anxiety can be such a dick head at times. I know exactly how you feel though when you just want straight answers. Natalie x

Hey lovely! Thanks for your message, yeah I’ve realised how many extreme symptoms anxiety can cause, it is SO hard to accept it at the time. I had convinced myself I had everything.

I’d spend weeks living each day in chronic fear, bursting into tears and dreading everything.

It’s such a struggle. But yeah :3 It can get better and I’m proof that anxiety can cause ANYTHING your brain desires, unfortunately! A good thing to keep I mind is phantom limb pains. If the mind can create psychosomatic symptoms of a body part that is actually absent. Then just think what it can create for limbs that are there!

After about 2 hours sleep last night, I awoke at about 6am to go to the monthly indoor car-boot sale.

I managed to sell a few things, made about £30. Probably could have made more but I hate pricey objects.

So sleepy now. Watching Hugo. Everyone else is asleep on couches around me heh.

Selling these on eBay:

Now Out Of Stock - Beautiful Grunge Dr Martens - Size 5 - Black And White

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